Catholic Youth Organization Camp Rancho Framasa

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Camp Rancho Framasa strives to enhance the emotional and spiritual development of youth and adults through experiencing the outdoors.

Education | Positive Youth Development

Camp’s Core Values

  • Catholic — Prayer is a part of each day. Participants discover a sense of self and appreciation for others and see all these wonders as a reflection of God.
  • Inclusive — All programs at Camp are inclusive. Campers participate together in one inclusive environment.
  • Camper/Participant Centered — Provides an environment that puts people first and things second.
  • Staff Development — Camp hires and trains only the most amazing young adults to work at camp.

Stewards of the Earth, CYO Camp’s earth friendly practices include: composting, recycling, re-using, and using earth friendly products. And, they share their love of the earth with each person who comes to camp.

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2230 North Clay Lick Road

Nashville, IN 47448

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