Agency Partners

We partner with more than 80 agencies throughout our six-county region to achieve lasting, measurable goals.

Agency Services & Supports

  • Agency Evaluations
  • Capital Projects
  • Facilities Maintenance

Agency Evaluations

What it is

United Way enlists volunteers to conduct our valued agency evaluations. It’s our way of helping you get involved with your community - and hold our agencies accountable.

Agency Evaluators review agency self-evaluations, assess the agencies first-hand through a site visit and recommend scores for each agency.

All it takes is two hours of training, two to three hours to review agency materials and one half-day to conduct agency site visit and recommend scores.


Knowledge or experience in one or more of these areas:

  • Responsive to Community Needs (needs assessments, community collaboration, etc.)
  • Results Driven (outcome measurement, data collection, program evaluation, etc.)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (equal opportunity or accessibility expertise, etc.)
  • Governance (board of director experience, strategic planning, bylaw review, etc.)
  • Management (human resources experience, volunteer management, public relations, etc.)
  • Finance (financial ratios, annual audits, bookkeeping, etc.)

Additional Information

Stephanie Eft
Capacity Building Manager

Volunteer Description

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Capital Projects

What it is

Established in 2000, this fund provides technical assistance for complicated facility improvements to enhance the delivery of human service programs. It helps plans and fund major building projects, additions, renovations or construction.


Since it's inception, over 140 projects have been completed at more than 70 agencies. United Way's $102 million investment-to-date supported projects worth $370 million.


"Whether a large capital expansion or addressing significant capital improvements, the Capital Projects Fund has given Sheltering Wings peace of mind. This fund helps us address needs in a more timely fashion and encourage donors to make up for the remaining percentage needed to complete the project."
- Cassie Martin, Executive Director, Sheltering Wings

Facilities Maintenance

What it is

Established in 1990, this fund helps plan for building maintenance or repair projects. It is meant specifically for priority needs and emergencies.


On average, there are between 25-30 planned project grants annually. In addition, funds are reserved for approximately 15-20 emergency grants each year.


The Facilities Maintenance Fund was a result of founding partners Lilly Endowment Inc., Indianapolis Foundation and United Way of Central Indiana. Over 30% of United Way agencies apply each year.

Each Agency Provides services that align with our priority areas and contribute to our collective community impact. Learn more about each agency's work below.

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