5 Great Benefits of Youth Leadership United

If you’re a high school student who wants to be a game changer for your community, Youth Leadership United is for you!


Youth Leadership United is a leadership program focused on giving young community leaders a way to develop their leadership skills to better serve the community. The program unites high school students, freshman through junior year, to learn about the issues our community faces and how they can make a difference.


Here are 5 great benefits of being a part of the next Youth Leadership United class.


Develop Strong Leadership Skills

Do you aspire to lead in big ways? Whether that’s as part of a sports team, school group, nonprofit or other extracurricular activity, Youth Leadership United will prepare you for the next leadership role you want to take on. You’ll go through a variety of training activities that focus on exploring your leadership skills and style.



Learn More About Yourself

High school is a time of change and discovery while you prepare for the next big step in life. Youth Leadership United will help you prepare for what’s next by teaching you about how you think, learn, communicate and lead. From developing a personal mission and learning about philanthropy, to team building activities and discussions on diversity, you’ll walk away from the program with a better understanding of yourself.



Add to Your Resume

Thinking about applying to a job or where you want to go to college? Youth Leadership United is a great addition to your resume! It will show you have leadership skills, plus it counts as community service time as well. If you do participate in the program, you can even get a letter of recommendation from the program manager when applying to jobs or colleges.



Connect with Other Youth Leaders

Few other programs in our community will connect you to nearly 30 young leaders who all have a passion for improving our community. Many who graduate from the program say they leave with lifelong friends!



Make an Impact in Your Community

Use your skills, voice and talents to make the community a better place. You’ll learn how to become a community planner and decision maker, plus be placed in a leadership role with a local nonprofit board to utilize your skills for the greater good.


If you want to enjoy these benefits and more, apply now to become part of the next Youth Leadership United class. You’ll connect with other young leaders, learn about the issues our community faces and develop solutions while serving on a local nonprofit board. It’s a unique opportunity that only comes one time a year — get your application in by October 31.


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