Brittany Finds Hope for the Future at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center

When Brittany Tinoco moved to Indianapolis, she had high hopes for her new life in the city. But those hopes were doused quickly when she found herself stuck in a low-paying retail job while struggling in a very toxic relationship. After seven months, her self-esteem was shattered, her bills were piling up, and she felt like there was no way out.


When she finally found the courage to end her relationship, she knew it was time for a change. “That relationship impacted my life because even though I had experienced a lot of sad days and hard times, I made it out of that relationship. It motivated me to no longer wait for things but to go for it and follow my dreams,” Brittany shares.


Her dream was to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). After doing some research, Brittany called the Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center to inquire about their Medical Bridge Program. That call changed her life.


Brittany was quickly connected with a financial coach and employment coach at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center through their Center for Working Families (CWF). Her employment coach Jennifer listened intently as Brittany explained her career goals and aspirations and confirmed with Brittany that the Medical Bridge Program would be the best path for her. The program connects adults to certifications in the medical field through partnerships with vocational schools, colleges and universities. Brittany chose to apply for the CNA Bridge Program, which is made possible through a partnership between Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center and Nursing Aide Training Services.


After she received her acceptance into the program, Brittany worked incredibly hard – not only in her classes, but with her Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center coach as well. “Ms. Jennifer has been one of the most important motivators in my life. She has been so encouraging through my whole entire journey starting with Mary Rigg — from CNA classes to now. Her words of wisdom have always been helpful,” Brittany exudes.


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When Brittany started the program, she was struggling emotionally and financially. Thanks to Jennifer’s guidance, she was able to make momentous strides in building her self-esteem by developing a career plan. She also saw her finances grow once she landed a new job at a nursing home. “I finally had a steady income. I was able to send money to my family back home and I was able to save money in my bank savings account,” she shares.


Brittany was finally starting to feel hopeful again as she got her career and finances back on track. Once she graduated from the CNA Bridge Program and received her CNA certification, Brittany was offered a promotion at work. She is now a team leader, which brings her great pride and gave her the confidence to pursue her next dream: to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).


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With assistance from coach Jennifer at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Brittany is on track to graduate from Ivy Tech Community College with an associate’s degree in nursing. She then plans to attend IUPUI to earn her bachelor’s degree to become a RN. After that, she wants to go to medical school to become an anesthesiologist.


“Brittany’s story has inspired me in my personal life. She has shown me the true importance of staying dedicated to achieving goals throughout having personal obstacles in your pathway. Brittany makes a great role model for people looking to make a career change in their life despite any obstacle they may be facing,” exclaims Jennifer, Brittany’s coach at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center.


Because of one phone call to Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Brittany’s life has completely changed. Once she walked through their doors and became determined to achieve her goals, she made it happen with the help of Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center’s support and guidance. She now has a career she cherishes, is no longer living in fear of being unable to pay her bills and has a plan to launch her life forward. But best of all, she has hope for the future.


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Brittany is just one of the nearly 400 people who utilized Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center’s CWF in the last year. The one-on-one coaching in employment, money management and life skills is a crucial component to the CWF program and continually helps dreams come true for those struggling in our community. To learn more about how CWF is helping individuals just like Brittany find hope and security, look here.