A Year of Work Accomplished in Just One Day

As Elaine Dillahunt walked around Hawthorne Community Center, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I felt like we had won Extreme Makeover,” said Elaine, Hawthorne Community Center’s Executive Director. What would have taken her staff more than a year to complete was accomplished in just one day, thanks to Gene B. Glick Company and a United Way of Central Indiana Day of Caring.



“We don’t have staff with the time available to do what they are doing today, it’s just invaluable,” said Elaine. Known as the heart of the community, Hawthorne Community Center has been an integral part of the Westside community of Indianapolis since 1923. The community center strives to meet the economic, educational, financial, social, recreational and civic needs of all who walk through their doors. Their programs and services span from children as young as three to their eldest client, who is 102!


When Elaine received the call from United Way telling her that Gene B. Glick Company had chosen Hawthorne as their Day of Caring location, she was absolutely ecstatic. “I felt like we had won the lottery!” Elaine stated. For the small staff that serves hundreds of individuals each year, that phone call was a game changer.


For Gene B. Glick Company, philanthropy and giving back is part of their core culture. “The Glick Company is really invested in the community. Philanthropy is really important to our company and we want our team members to experience that,” said Lanette Nelson, Executive Assistant at Gene B. Glick Company. Many employees have seen this dedication to philanthropy first hand through participating in one of their annual United Way Day of Caring events, which have spanned more than a decade.


“United Way is just part of who we are. We see the impact they are having on the city of Indianapolis and we think it is really important to be involved in that,” said Holly Holm, Senior Employee Relations Specialist at Gene B. Glick Company.


Gene B. Glick Company Day of CaringThis year’s Day of Caring event united more than 100 employees to accomplish 15 different projects, which capitalized on the variety of skills Gene B. Glick Company employees possess. “I’ve been with the company for seven years, and have felt the culture of giving back from day one,” Holly said. “We really do want to make an impact in any way we can.”


Elaine can clearly see how Glick has made an impact at Hawthorne Community Center. “The Center needed so much work that is really beyond our scope or ability. So to have a group like Glick come in, with United Way’s help, to get this kicked out in one day — we couldn’t accomplish this in a year,” said Elaine. “Having volunteers do projects like this is just crucial. I want to say a sincere thanks, not only from me and our staff, but from our community. From our children and adults who will see these improvements and know that there are people out there who really truly care.”


From the updated landscaping to the freshly painted gym, the impact made by the many hours of volunteering during Gene B. Glick Company’s Day of Caring is hard to miss. Elaine and her staff couldn’t be more thankful for the time and money spent to make so many huge improvements in one day. “It just shows that their hearts are in the right place,” Elaine shared. “Without companies like them, nonprofits would be struggling even more.”


When people come together to serve the community, much can be accomplished. If you’re interested in gathering a group together to help the community, consider hosting a Day of Caring through United Way. You’ll have the opportunity to pick a project that aligns with your interests and passions, while helping an organization in our community that desperately needs it. Sign up here to receive more information on how you can accomplish great things through hosting A Day of Caring.


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