Three Partners, One Mission: The Near Eastside and Great Families 2020

Sometimes it takes a united front to achieve great things — which is exactly why United Way of Central Indiana has developed a partnership between The John H. Boner Centers, DayStar Childcare and Little Dove Day Care. These three organizations have united to provide families on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis the resources they need to break out of poverty.


The partnership has developed out of United Way’s Great Families 2020, a four-year initiative to improve family stability for vulnerable children and their parents living in Indianapolis. The initiative uses a Two Generation (2gen) approach, which focuses on providing opportunities for and meeting the needs of parents and their children, together. The partnership intends to enroll a total of 150 families into the Great Families 2020 program to provide services in the areas of financial stability, social capital, health, education and housing.


With teams and programming built across The Boner Center, DayStar and Little Dove, families can access the resources they need within their Near Eastside neighborhood. As families develop their own unique goals, they can connect with financial coaching, employment and job certification programs, stable housing opportunities, mental health services, wellness activities and other tools that improve their quality of life. Families will also have the opportunity to attend family activities including parent education sessions, family nights, parent groups and other social and recreational activities that allow parents to build social networks.


Thanks to Great Families 2020, families who call the Near Eastside home have a stable, safe environment where their young children can learn and grow while parents access the resources they need to improve their financial stability and overall quality of life. By utilizing a 2Gen approach, children enter kindergarten ready to learn and their parents acquire the skills they need to be successful in the workforce. The result? The whole family has a greater chance at achieving self-sufficiency.


IndyEast Great Families 2020 Partners


The John H. Boner Center
The mission of The John H. Boner Centers is to make the Near Eastside a vibrant, thriving, welcoming community. Through programs, services and community development initiatives, The Boner Center helps individuals and families recognize their own strengths and abilities as they move toward self-reliance and an improved quality of life. Through their Center for Working Families, they provide extensive financial and employment coaching to help people regain confidence and reach their goals.


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DayStar Childcare
The mission of DayStar Childcare is to provide a safe, loving, developmentally appropriate environment for children of diverse backgrounds throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Their programming focuses on the development of the whole child: intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Supported by Englewood Christian Church, DayStar Childcare provides all children a stable, safe environment filled with challenging opportunities to learn and explore new concepts through play and discovery.


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Little Dove Day Care
Little Dove Day Care provides quality childcare, educational activities, nutritious meals, intergenerational activities and a chance to learn and grow in a safe environment to all children regardless of their families ability to pay. As an outreach initiative of East Tenth United Methodist Church, Little Dove provides a safe place where the spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical needs of children, youth, and their families are responded to in a holistic approach.


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What is Great Families 2020?

Great Families 2020 is a United Way of Central Indiana initiative that uses a Two Generation (2Gen) approach to improve the lives of Indianapolis families living in poverty. This is accomplished by establishing neighborhood support networks that provide integrated services in education, financial stability, and health for both parents and children.


The Great Families 2020 Difference