What’s a Philanthro-party? LINC Knows!

If you’re familiar with United Way of Central Indiana LINC, you may have heard about a LINC’s philanthro-party. But what exactly is a philanthro-party? As a quick reference, here’s how Webster’s Dictionary defines philanthropy and party:


Philanthropy, n: goodwill to fellow members of the human race; the act of promoting human welfare


Party, n: a social gathering; a celebration


At the core, a LINC philanthro-party is about good deeds and a good time. They include the party element — food, drinks, a cool venue and a way to connect with friends, both new and old. But philanthropy is also front and center. During each event, young professionals are introduced to worthy causes and ways United Way tackles them, like poverty, mental health, financial sustainability, homelessness and childhood literacy.


But Why Philanthro-parties?


Millennials are driven to unite for the common good. They want to make lasting, positive change — and they want it to be within their own cities, communities and neighborhoods. Philanthro-parties make this happen. They combine hands-on volunteering at the places and spaces where young professionals are in our community.


A philanthro-party exposes 20-somethings to community challenges, educates them on how United Way is fighting and gives them an opportunity to give back. LINC members aren’t just giving their money, they get to work creating garden beds for Flanner House, crafting blankets for homeless women and children and assembling backpacks for children residing at the Julian Center.


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United Way of Central Indiana LINC Members


It’s impact they can see, in real time. Because, for LINC members and friends, civic and community engagement isn’t just about donating money, voting or tweeting support – it’s about showing up. It’s about giving the resources you have – including time, talents and interests, too.


Beyond this, volunteers are connected to executive directors, staff and beneficiaries of services from the organizations where LINC gives back. Like at Flanner House, where members who volunteered heard directly from the Food Justice Coordinator as he explained how LINC efforts would directly combat severe food deserts that citizens of northwest Indianapolis face every day.


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United Way LINC is all about connecting like-minded young philanthropists to volunteer together, learn from one another and grow as professionals and people through philanthro-parties.


Philanthro-party, n: a party with a purpose; any party that makes giving, or giving back, a part of the fun.


Want to join in on the next LINC philanthro-party? Look here to see what’s up next on their calendar to get behind a worthy cause, make a difference and hang out afterwards for food and drinks.




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