Yesenia’s Journey to Independence: Part 2

When Yesenia’s life took an incredibly unexpected turn, she felt like her life had lost purpose. Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center (MRNC) helped her discover it again. By accessing a wide array of programs at MRNC, Yesenia became independent from an abusive relationship, which you can read about in Part 1. Yet Yesenia had only just begun her journey to independence.


Now living in her own apartment, with her children safe and HSE diploma in hand, Yesenia fell like her life was finally back on track. After a year of hard work, she was ready to tackle her next big goal: becoming a homeowner.


To do this, Yesenia needed to land a better job. But she didn’t just want a job, she wanted a career — one that would not only provide financial stability for her family but give her a way to give back to the community as well. She turned to MRNC’s Center for Working Families for guidance and support.


Maria, Yesenia’s Community Supports Coach at MRNC, pointed Yesenia to the Medical Bridge Program at MRNC and suggested Yesenia get her Medical Interpreter Certification. With the Medical Interpreter Certification, Yesenia can work at any hospital, clinic or medical practice interpreting for individuals that lack English language knowledge.


Yesenia felt like she had found her calling and immediately enrolled in the certification class and graduated one month later. “With my Medical Interpreter Certification, I feel much more confident about a career path; another goal reached,” Yesenia shared. With a career path established, her children safe and her finances in order, Yesenia was ready to become a homeowner.


With guidance and support from skilled experts at MRNC, John Boner Neighborhood Centers and INHP, Yesenia’s life took another incredible turn. After months of coaching and financial education courses, another dream came true for Yesenia. She will close on her home on September 24, and add homeowner to the long list of goals she’s accomplished.


“I want to inspire and motivate my children and by reaching my goals, I’m showing them that the sky is the limit and to take advantage of amazing opportunities such as the ones offered to me by Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center,” Yesenia said. “Thanks to Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center and their incredible staff for guiding, supporting and believing in me!”


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