Strengthening the Far Eastside: Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE) and Great Families 2020

Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE) has advocated for the Far Eastside neighborhood of Indianapolis since the 1980’s. Their mission is to continually improve the Far Eastside and the lives of those who live there, through a wide variety of services and programming.


In November of 2016, United Way of Central Indiana, Central Indiana Community Foundation and Glick Philanthropies united together to provide CAFE with capacity building and technical assistance as it underwent a period of organizational transformation. This investment allowed CAFE to be ready to take on new opportunities in 2017, including Great Families 2020. Through a competitive selection process, CAFE was awarded $1,050,000 million ($350,000 per year over three years) to serve 100 adults and 100 children through the promising practice of the two-generation approach – providing opportunities for and meeting the needs of parents and their children, together.



By utilizing its Center for Working Families, CAFE will provide adults with workforce development, financial coaching, income supports and asset building services, while contracting with targeted partners in the neighborhood to provide early childhood education programming. Using a two-generation, family-centered approach to services gives families a greater chance at achieving self-sufficiency.


About CAFE

CAFE’s mission is to offer direct aid to residents of the Far Eastside who are in desperate need. CAFE offers programming that supports youth and seniors alike, all with a continued focus on improving the quality of life for those who live, work and worship in the Far Eastside community. One of CAFE’s leading programs is their Center for Working Families, which helps transition families from living paycheck to paycheck to investing in their future – not only getting a job, but a career; not only meeting expenses, but saving for their first home.


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What is Great Families 2020?

Great Families 2020 is a United Way of Central Indiana initiative that uses a Two Generation (2Gen) approach to improve the lives of Indianapolis families living in poverty. This is accomplished by establishing neighborhood support networks that provide integrated services in education, financial stability, and health for both parents and children.


The Great Families 2020 Difference