Change Tomorrow. Today.

Change Tomorrow. Today.

It’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot from us over the next year. So what does it really mean?

Right now, more than 237,000 Central Indiana households are living in or are one step away from poverty. That figure can be overwhelming to digest and even harder to comprehend. There are far too many individuals, children and families in our community who are facing persistent, daunting challenges and an uncertain future.

But, this is certain: we have no time to waste. What we can all do today — investing in the right initiatives, volunteering our time, and advocating for better public policies — can change so many lives tomorrow.

Throughout 2020, we hope you’ll stay tuned for messages from United Way that highlight the impact your gifts are making in our community. Each month we’ll feature stories that showcase the commitment, persistence and resiliency of Central Indiana families and the network of community-based organizations we partner with.

As we enter this new year, our United Way team is ready to rise to any challenge, and we hope we can continue to count on your partnership along the way.

Thank you.

Ann Murtlow
President & CEO