Employee Coordinator of the Month: Ann Schneider

Meet Ann Schneider: Ann loves traveling, home maintenance, and enjoying good times with her friends and family. Ann also loves serving her community, in fact, as an Allison Transmission employee for nearly 42 years, most recently as director of internal communications, Ann also understands the importance of keeping her fellow colleagues informed. She regularly communicates with over 2700 global employees on anything involving the business, community events, and opportunities for engagement.


Naturally, it only made sense for Ann, as a supporter of United Way efforts for the last fifteen years of her career, to lead a group of equally passionate employees who also saw a need to give back to their communities. Even with her ‘typical’ eleven-hour workday, Ann didn’t just want to raise money – with her team, she wanted to do good work and have fun along the way.


Ann has leveraged her creativity around causes and themes, like “Building a Better Community,” where team members used Legos to build a city for local children to play in and enjoy. Efforts like these have generated enthusiasm and excitement within the organization every year.


Community partners, like Allison Transmission, have supported United Way efforts for over 100 years, something that makes volunteers, like Ann, very proud. “Each campaign year, deep in my heart, I would think it’s time for me to “back off,” but when you have a committee of folks that will assist in every way — it’s hard to “let go!” she says.


Thank you for your years of service and unwavering dedication to our work, Ann!