Employee Coordinator Volunteer Profile: Meet Jami Burdine

United Way’s employee coordinators (better known as EC’s) wear a couple of different hats – not only do they have day jobs that take up most of their time, they have a desire for helping others as compassionate volunteers. By inspiring their fellow employees to get involved with United Way through workplace events and campaigns, they are vital to the success of our impact on Central Indiana.


Take Jami Burdine, for example. As Vice President and Manager of Human Resources for Gregory & Appel Insurance in downtown Indianapolis, she’s responsible for assisting with employee benefits, coaching and developing, leading diversity and inclusion initiatives and of course, answering a plethora of emails. In her role, Jami has been able to help better the lives of other employees through community initiatives and other forms of personal well being.


But Jami also felt a responsibility to her local community – one that stems from her experiences as a child.


“Growing up was not easy,” Jami says. “My parents struggled and as an adult, I am blessed beyond measure. I just want to give back to those in our community that may be feeling the same challenges I experienced growing up.”


As a result, Jami has been involved with United Way since 2013 and has served as Gregory & Appel’s employee coordinator for the past three years.


She leads a committee of employee volunteers who are instrumental to the success of their campaign. This group creates several opportunities for employees to engage in philanthropy. One of her favorites is their Coin War. During this activity, staff members compete to see which senior leader is “rewarded” with a pie in the face!


Jami loves hearing the success stories from men and women who have improved their current situations through assistance provided by UWCI. She’s also connected her company to other community organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, and looks forward to serving on a project with their organization in May of this year.


“I like the variety of ways I can be a small part of making a big difference in the lives of others,” she tells us. “I know our campaign is going to help impact the lives of so many others in some way and just knowing that makes it all worthwhile.”


When Jami isn’t helping her coworkers or the people living in her Central Indiana community, she loves to spend time on a baseball diamond with her husband and two sons.


Thank you, Jami, for making our community better for generations to come!


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