Emerging Leaders Professional Development Event – Creating Your Impact

Date and Time:January 30th - 8:00am-9:30am


Delta Faucet
55 E 111th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46280


Making an impact in your organization is about much more than job performance.
All too often, young and emerging professionals focus on delivering results and may neglect other important areas that lead to making an impact. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to better understand your differentiating strengths, pinpoint where you’re uniquely positioned to make an impact, improve your visibility in your organization, and overcome any behaviors or habits that could hold you back from reaching your goals.
Gain insight and get inspired by Stefanie Mockler, MA at this Emerging Leaders coffee talk. At United Way of Central Indiana, we share Stefanie’s advocacy for women in the work place and holistic professional success.
About the Speaker
Stefanie helps talented professionals accelerate their leadership capabilities and realize their full potential. As a young mother and ambitious professional with a full slate of responsibilities, Stefanie has a deep understanding for how challenging it can be to achieve success in today’s complex, ever-changing business context. Acknowledging that the boundaries between personal and professional life blur and intersect, Stefanie takes a holistic approach to leadership coaching to enrich her coachee’s performance across all life domains. Learn more about Stephanie's efforts at www.vantageleadership.com
Free for EL Members, Free for Delta Faucet Employees, $15 for Guests
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