If It Ain’t Broke…Break It

CBOTraining Seminar

Date and Time:April 27th - 10:00am-11:15am


Virtual Event


In every community, there’s a silent struggle. It’s like a covert tug-of-war.

The battle lines may be drawn by the rich or poor, political persuasions, employed versus unemployed or cultural birthright. Whatever the defining characteristics may be, the struggle is real. This presentation acknowledges those who are “called” to work in urban communities who must understand the tactics, strategies, and motivations of this evolving conflict and do something to shift it in a positive direction for everyone.

And sometimes, that requires us to break down the very ideologies, methods, and policies we’ve built and trusted for generations to meet these challenges. Through practical examples, this presentation encourages audiences to consider these factors when providing community advocacy:
1. Answering the Call 2. Building Relationships 3. Lead by Example 4. Build Around A Vision 5. Involve the Community 6. Stay Focused 7. Share Your Own Story 8. Let Partnerships Develop 9. Get Organized 10. Share Lessons Learned
Facilitator: John E. Girton, Jr., aka Pastor G, former lead pastor of the historic CMBCIndy