Understanding Racial Equity, Bias and the Role They Play in Shaping Your Organizational Culture


Date and Time:January 19th - 10:00am-11:15am


Virtual Event


About this Event
The session will explore the difference between equity and equality through a racial lens and introduce the idea of implicit bias and how to manage it.
We will talk about equity and equality, but do we understand how to operationalize the difference? What does implicit bias mean? If everyone has it what am I supposed to do now? These and other diversity, equity and inclusion concepts and questions will be addressed in this kick-off session for understanding racial equity.
While information is power—what matters is what you do with it. We will explore tactics and techniques for making sure we are thinking from an equity orientation versus an equality orientation. We will also explore how to think about bias and what to do in order to try and manage it.
Racial Equity Facilitator: Marshawn Wolley, Black Onyx Management.