Words Matter: The Power of Standing in the Gap for Others in Racial Equity Work

Training Seminar

Date and Time:May 12th - 10:00am-11:15am


Virtual Event


What does it mean to ‘stand in the gap’? We often hear of inspiring people and their stories of hope, triumph, and overcoming obstacles, but oftentimes, we do not hear of the stories of those who spoke words of wisdom, love, and grace to these people. It’s those stories often left untold, yet those stories made the difference between giving up and pressing on. And in those moments, what made all the difference? The words said. When it comes to standing in the gap for others who are most affected by poverty and racism, we need to be cognizant of the words and language we use because it can make the difference between giving up and pressing on. The difference between seeing people as people rather than as objects. Learn how we can prioritize people over action and stand in the gap by risking ourselves to build trust. Derrin Slack, Founder and CEO, of ProAct Indy and Managing Partner of Know More LLC, will help participants move more from nonracist to antiracist by sharing his personal journey and sharing some tips and tricks to see people more as people. This session is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, and the application of implementation tools to participants’ on-the-job situations.

We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:
1. Think about your personal life and/or your career journey, what six to ten words were said to you to bring you up out of darkness or a time(s) where you felt your lowest?
2. Who said those words to bring you into the person you are today?
3. What actions did they take after those words were spoken to you?