Expecting Inspiration

Donating and volunteering are woven into the very fabric of our country’s history.
By nature, we are a nation of people who care for and look out for each other – especially during tough times. At United Way of Central Indiana, our work is solely focused on improving the lives of our fellow neighbors. Every day we fight for the education, financial stability, health, and basic needs of every person in our community.
By harnessing the caring power of your organization, you can advance the common good too.
The pandemic has made it even more clear that employees expect to be engaged, informed, empowered, and most importantly – inspired – by the leadership their company shows in making our community and world a better place for all people.
Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud provides an all-in-one cloud-based portal for companies to make a difference and empower its employees to do the same. It combines the ability to contribute funds to causes your employees deeply care about, volunteer time where help is most needed, and become exposed to and influence the conversation on relevant topics impacting our local community. In a world where we are currently restricted to keeping our distance, this platform can help bring your workforce together again.
By fully integrating Philanthropy Cloud into your team’s processes, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on causes your employees truly care about, insight into volunteer participation, and progress-to-goal being made on your CSR initiatives. The more information you have, the easier it is to truly see how your company is making an impact in its local community.
Using Philanthropy Cloud allows your team to leverage data to set measurable goals and accurately track progress for your strategic philanthropy. By becoming more transparent on the ways your organization wants to create impact in the community and matching it with the personal philanthropic passions of your workforce, the innovative technology of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is the perfect tool to transform the way your organization inspires its employees to drive change.

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