Feeling the Effect of the Basic Needs Fund

By: Nate Lichti, senior director, Basic Needs Fund.

Right now.
A veteran is no longer homeless and out of work. With some transportation and food assistance, he has now completed a six-week training course and has been hired at a $30 per-hour position.

An anxious teen was in trouble daily at school. He was failing classes and struggling to connect with his dad, who was doing his best as a single working parent. With some family and mental health therapy, this teen learned coping strategies to improve his behavior at home and at school. He now passing all of his courses and his attachment toward his family has strengthened. His dad says, “I now have hope for my son and his future.”

This Very Moment.
A young immigrant mother and her two young children have escaped sexual abuse in their native country. While awaiting her asylum application, this mother obtained a work authorization for an hourly job that provides a small amount of income to take care of her family. Because she doesn’t qualify for government assistance due to her immigration status, she needed some help putting food on the table. With this nutritional support plus transportation assistance, she can now study successfully for her high school diploma and driver’s test. She has been called “an inspiration” to other residents in the transitional housing program and is now on her way to securing a home for her family.

These are actual stories from community-based organizations who have received grants from United Way’s Basic Needs Fund. This is the effect of that Fund – linking the generosity of United Way donors directly to the needs of our community.

Today, we are announcing another round of Basic Needs Fund grants to 22 organizations throughout our region. With a total of $5 million granted to 57 community-based organizations, we expect to help more than 100,000 individuals, veterans, seniors, children and families next year.

These stories above demonstrate the courage, hope and resiliency of individuals and families in our community who want to have their own success in life. Thank you United Way donors, community partners, volunteers and supporters for all you do to make these positive outcomes possible!