Financial Stability

Stable employment and financial literacy provide a solid foundation for families and individuals to thrive.

What we do

We're helping individuals and families build strong, stable foundations through resources and programs that enable them to achieve stable employment and financial literacy.

How we do it

To get there, we invest in partners that offer job training and placement, financial education, free tax preparation and legal advice that help them succeed in work and in life.

Here's what we did last year
because of your investment:

4,151 individuals were served by the Center for Working Families, where families accessed a full range of services to lift them out of poverty and achieve long-term financial stability

1,838 unemployed individuals received the tools and skills they needed to achieve gainful employment

230 Indy Free Tax Prep volunteers prepared 7,500 tax returns resulting in $9 million in refunds for low-income residents and families

Financial Stability Programs

  • Center For
    Working Families
  • Indy Free
    Tax Prep

Center For
Working Families

What it is

Centers for Working Families (CWF) are friendly neighborhood centers where hardworking, low-income families can access a full range of services to help lift them out of poverty and achieve long-term financial stability.

The Model

Built on a model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, CWF provides people with the tools they need to increase their income (“EARN IT”), reduce expenses (“KEEP IT”), and build wealth (“GROW IT”) for their families. The CWF network in Indianapolis is composed of twelve neighborhood based centers that transition families from living paycheck to paycheck to investing in their future.

HOw it Helps

CWF provides services across three areas: employment and career advancement, financial literacy and coaching, and access to income supports. By bundling such programs, the centers can provide a coaching approach at a one-stop convenient location for families in search of help.

Indy Free
Tax Prep

What it is

Indy Free Tax Prep is a network of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites that offer free tax preparation to individuals and families with a combined household income of $66,000 or less.

How it Helps

In partnership with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Indy Free Tax Prep helps ensure that eligible residents receive appropriate tax credits and deductions, ultimately reducing the number of financially unstable households in Central Indiana.

Tax Prep Checklist

If you’re looking for services, dial 2-1-1 to find a nearby VITA location and schedule an appointment.

If you have questions, email us at

View Indy Free Tax Prep Locations

What you can do

Volunteers are an essential part of the VITA initiative. The number of trained and dedicated volunteers directly affects the number of residents who can be served. Build your resume by gaining a valuable and marketable skill, expand your knowledge of federal tax return procedures and serve local citizens and help stimulate the local economy.

Volunteer for Indy Free Tax Prep

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