Forever United Network

Giving Societies are networks of passionate individuals who join forces to advocate, volunteer and generously donate to support the work of United Way.

Forever United Network


A national effort to increase awareness and engagement with United Way for individuals under 30 through unique volunteer events with a social twist.

Get behind worthy causes, make a difference and hang out afterwards for food and drinks. Membership is open to early career professionals ages 22-30 who invest an undesignated gift of $250 or more annually.

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Emerging Leaders

Brings together up-and-coming young professionals age 40 and younger who have a passion for philanthropy, personal development, and community.

Emerging Leaders members make connections with over 400 local leaders who all have a desire to aid those on their path towards self-sufficiency. Members give $1,000 or more annually.

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Diversity Leadership Circle

Advocates of diversity from all backgrounds, cultures, thought processes, and beliefs come together to fight for all Central Indiana residents.

Members maximize impact on the community through unique perspectives and give $1,000 or more annually.

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Women United

Harnesses the power of dedicated and influential women who have a passion for improving the opportunities of future generations.

Bringing together over 600 strong, dedicated women who have a passion for education, Women United is making an impact in our community through their dedication to early childhood education and gifts of $1,000 or more annually.

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Always United

Helps members to be involved, stay relevant, and have an exciting impact in the community both within and outside the work environment.

Bringing together more than 1,000 individuals who have a passion for learning more to make the most out of your retirement, plus ways to stay active in your community. This group donates a gift of $1,000 or more annually.

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Interested in joining Forever United Network?

Give a minimum, undesignated gift of $1,000 to United Way of Central Indiana or one of our impact strategies for automatic membership to the Forever United Network. From there, opt-in to any (or all) of our Giving Societies for additional events and focused communications.

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