Emerging Leaders

A group of up-and-coming young professionals age 40 and younger who have a passion for philanthropy, personal development and community. Emerging Leaders members make connections with over 400 local leaders who all have a desire to aid those on their path towards self-sufficiency. Members give $1,000 or more annually.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Invitations to exclusive leadership events, unique opportunities for community betterment and membership for your entire household

Developing Strong Leaders for the Future

Emerging Leaders participate in a wide array of professional development programs and receive mentoring from Leadership Level Donors to help them curate their leadership skills. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops including How to Fail Fast to Succeed (March), Home buying 101 (May), Controlling Your Narrative (July) and Branding Yourself with Social Media (September).

Champions for Self-Sufficiency

The key to self-sufficiency is a strong, quality education--this is why Emerging Leaders dedicate themselves to improving and expanding access to high-quality child care and early education. Members are passionate. They combine volunteering, advocacy and special events to maximize their impact in the education realm.

Emerging Leader: Jim Peterson

Jim's passion for education is also what initially drew him to Emerging Leaders, whose signature cause is high-quality education for all. “Knowing I could make a difference in a cause I really care about, and gain professional development and networking opportunities with like-minded, career-oriented people, well, it just made it a no-brainer for me”

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Emerging Leader: Charles McKinney

"I first became involved with the United Way of Central Indiana out of curiosity attending an event titled “Their Future is Our Future”. I was already searching for a way to get more involved in the community and not just voice my opinion but help make change for the better. United Way has been an amazing organization where I’ve been able to connect to many different opportunities to be a “change maker”.

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Emerging Leader: Maria Alas Diaz

After growing up in South America, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil, Maria has seen extreme need first-hand. "I'm very passionate about all four pillars, but basic needs definitely hits a spot for me. I’ve seen so many communities that don’t have access to basic needs: clean water, food, etc. And that’s heartbreaking at the core, because by not having those things communities can’t move forward towards improving overall health, financial stability or education."

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Is Emerging Leaders for me?

Are you a cause driven individual who wants to create solutions to our community’s toughest problems while connecting with young professionals of various industries?

If the answer is "yes," then Emerging Leaders is for you. Submit an interest form and staff manager, Katherine Kite, will contact you directly.

For more information, contact Katherine Kite at katherine.kite@uwci.org.

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  • Membership Benefits
  • How to Join
  • Contribution Options

Membership Benefits

  • Invitations to exclusive leadership events
  • Unique opportunities for community betterment
  • Membership for your entire household

How to Join

Request a meeting with the staff manager or make a donation through our online platform or through your company giving drive.

Contribution Options

A company matching gift can count towards your membership. Also, there is a three-year step-up option — donating $500 the first year, $750 the second year, and $1000 the third and following years — while enjoying all the benefits of membership beginning the first year.