Million Dollar Roundtable

Those who commit at the highest level of personal generosity to improve the future for every person in Central Indiana. Exceptional leaders collaborate to achieve major milestones for our community in the areas of education, financial stability, health and basic needs. Million Dollar Roundtable members provide generous gifts of $1 million or more to make transformational change in Central Indiana.

Creating a Brighter Future

Million Dollar Roundtable gifts contribute to many initiatives, programs and activities that build a brighter future for every person in our community. From creating matching funds that enable others to join the fight, to launching new initiatives that have helped pave the way for pre-K education, Million Dollar Roundtable members make an everlasting impact on Central Indiana.

Transformational Giving

Gifts from Million Dollar Roundtable members transform lives in significant, positive ways with gifts that are large enough in size, scope and longevity to make a lasting impact in our community. These gifts include legacy gifts, adding United Way to your will, or naming United Way as a beneficiary on life insurance or retirement accounts. Transformational giving makes life-changing moments possible in our community for generations.

Is the Million Dollar Roundtable for me?

Do you want to make an incredible and dramatic impact in your community that lasts for years to come?

If the answer is "yes," then Million Dollar Roundtable is for you. Submit an interest form and Senior Director of Major and Transformational Giving, Tanya Hand, will contact you directly.

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  • Membership Benefits
  • How to Join

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive annual events featuring prominent guests
  • Published national and local recognition
  • High-powered networking opportunities
  • Custom reports outlining the impact of their gifts

How to Join

Request a meeting with the staff manager or make a donation through our online platform or through your company giving drive.