Getting Back on her Feet and Giving Back

After being released from a three-year prison sentence, re-entering the general population was hard for Quortney. Like so many others, the reality hit quickly that she was left alone to fend for herself without a job or stable housing. But those weren’t her only struggles. Quortney’s situation made her resentful and her attitude was affecting the relationships she still had.

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Quortney knew she needed help, so she turned to United Way-supported Volunteers of America of Indiana (VOAIN). VOAIN helped Quortney get back on her feet through its re-entry services, including helping her find temporary housing and plan for her future. Moreover, Quortney was exposed to a diverse culture. She learned to accept others and that she had to put in the work herself if she wanted to make the changes necessary to stay happy, healthy, employed and out of the criminal justice system.

After living at VOAIN, Quortney went to school to be a pharmacy tech and she currently works at Community Health Network. She also works with IU Health Net as a registration specialist. It has been more than 10 years since Qourtney was a resident with VOAIN and now that he has found success of her own, she gives back! She provides a huge inspiration and support for others as a Second Chance Mentor. Every week she mentors a group of mothers at a women’s prison who will soon be transitioning back into the community.

Quortney attributes much of her newfound outlook and success to her case manager at VOAIN. "Ms. Marque said I had to be more proactive. I didn’t know what that word meant, so I looked it up. I took that to heart,” she said. “Now, I try to have a plan – and a backup plan. When I get down, I get back up and keep on going. Volunteers of America gave me hope that my future could be different from the life I led before."

Because of VOAIN and United Way, Quortney had the resources and support to get back on stable ground. Because of you, she knows she has the capacity to lead a happy and healthy life.

Note: United Way fights for the education, financial stability, health and basic needs of everyone in our community. Volunteers of America of Indiana is a United Way-funded agency fighting to improve one or more of these priorities by improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of individuals.