7 Ways to Thank a Frontline Worker

Nurses. Doctors. Grocery store employees. Delivery drivers. Nonprofit employees. Warehouse workers. First responders. Cleaners. Today we’re celebrating the admirable ways our community’s frontline workers have stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis. Even while knowing their work could expose them and their loved ones to the virus, these local heroes continued to show up – performing essential work to protect our community.


This pandemic may have robbed us of our sense of normalcy, but in the midst of these uncertain times, these local heroes, who too often go unnoticed, have powered the spirit of Central Indiana.


Join United Way of Central Indiana on May 5 as we rally the entire community to say thank you to the frontline and essential workers who have tirelessly and bravely continued their commitment to Central Indiana. Our effort will join the chorus of a global day of giving and unity called #GivingTuesdayNow.


7 Ways to Say Thank You


There are so many ways to say thank you. Below are a few simple ideas we put together to show your appreciation to our community’s essential workers. Choose one – or more – to let these heroes know how much their sacrifices mean to you.


1. Donate a meal

Everyone appreciates a free meal! If you’re thinking about donating meals, be sure to coordinate with the recipient so your delivery can be done efficiently and safely. If you can’t make the delivery yourself, you can purchase a meal instead. Many national and local businesses are delivering meals to support frontline workers. Remember meal donations can be a great way to thank hospital workers as well as the staff at your doctor’s office, EMTs, police officers, firefighters and grocery clerks. Check out RTV6’s “We’re Open Indy” tab on their website for a list of local restaurants.


2. Make a sign for your window or front yard

Looking for a fun family-friendly activity to show your appreciation? Make someone’s commute to work brighter by creating a sign for your window or front yard to say thank you. Our friend Annemarie made these #INthistogether317 signs to do just that. 100% of the proceeds go to the C-CERF. Not only will you being showing your support for all of Central Indiana, but you’ll also be contributing financially to support those in need.


3. Be kind

This one may seem easy, but it doesn’t hurt to have a friendly reminder – especially during these stressful times. Essential workers who are keeping grocery, convenience and pharmacy stores open interact with large groups of people every day. Make their day a little better by being respectful – tell them thank you, wear protective masks, keep your distance and be kind to their team members and other customers. These small acts can help workers feel appreciated and safer at their jobs.


4. Share a message on social media

As we all keep our physical distance, connecting online has become even more important. Using social media is an easy way to thank frontline and essential workers. You can tag people you know or send a general message using the hashtags #INthistogether or #FrontlineHeroes. Make sure to tag @uwci in your posts so we can reshare them on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN channels to spread the love.


5. Leave items for delivery workers

Delivery workers are putting in long hours and many find it hard to get to the store. Help them by leaving out items such as water bottles, snacks, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other essentials that will help get them through the day and potentially save them a trip to the store. But as always, remember to sanitize the items as best as you can!


6. Stay at home

The most important thing you can do to thank frontline and essential workers is to stay home. By maintaining our social distance and wearing the appropriate protective gear when we must be out, we limit the spread of COVID-19. Do your best to restrict outings to essential trips to the grocery store, medical appointments, prescription pick up, walking pets and helping those most vulnerable. When outside, remember to stay at least six feet away from others.


7. Support local nonprofits

COVID-19 has severely altered the ways in which Central Indiana’s human services network supports our community. Research how your favorite nonprofits have modified their work in the face of this new reality – and ensure they have the resources necessary to rise to those challenges.


United Way is celebrating #GivingTuesdayNow by collecting donations for our Basic Needs Fund. We know that even after the public health crisis ends, too many families in our community are going to struggle with the economic impacts brought on by COVID-19. Our basic needs initiatives ensure every resident of our community has their basic food, housing, health and transportation needs met.


Even though we are physically apart, we can still be united. Let’s show frontline and essential workers that we are in this together!


Give to #GivingTuesdayNow