Hand Raisers and Game Changers: 100 Heroes Week 4

This week, we introduce you to seven more hand raisers and game changers who are using their passions and talents to make Central Indiana a great place to call home. From a doctor whose mission in life is to commit her career to serving the quality of life of older adults to an avid environmentalist working diligently to educate others on climate change, discover the stories of Heroes making huge change in our community below.


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Alfega Martin

Alfega Martin has improved and brightened the lives of countless people in her community with her kind spirit and passion to serve others. A phrase one can often hear her saying is, “It is better to give than to receive.” Read her story








Mark Varnau

Mark Varnau believes there are two commandments in life: love God and love your neighbor. So when he retired from Hook’s Drug Stores, Varnau decided to devote his time to actively demonstrating his love of those in the community who are less fortunate. Read his story








Phyllis Usher

When Phyllis Usher relocated to Indianapolis in the early ’80s to accept the position of deputy superintendent of Public Instruction at the Indiana Department of Education, her plans included ensuring Indiana schools were compliant with federal and local regulations. Read her story








Kevin Lollar

If you were to ask Kevin Lollar how he is today, he would reply, “I got up alive, it’s my favorite day of the week!” The two-time cancer survivor has faced tough odds in the past, but he believes it was all part of a bigger plan. Read his story








Dr. Braca Cantor

Even at a young age, Dr. Braca Cantor always had a special appreciation for her elders. Her mother worked multiple jobs to pay for her private schooling while also introducing her to the value of service. Read her story








Jim Poyser

In his role, Jim Poyser inspires and advances sustainable, just and peaceful living in Indiana, primarily by educating young people on climate leadership and civic engagement. Read his story








Pamela Altmeyer-Alvey

When she was about 7 years old, Pamela Altmyer-Alvey walked door-to-door pulling a little red wagon carrying freshly picked cabbage from her family’s garden. She ran into a neighbor whose face brightened at the sight of the young entrepreneur. Read her story




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