Hand Raisers and Game Changers: 100 Heroes Week 6

Many of our 100 Heroes stories this week focus on diversity and inclusion within Central Indiana. From helping students in underserved areas access STEM education to reducing barriers for those with disabilities, these eight Heroes are working hard to ensure that Central Indiana produces equal opportunities for all.


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Mary Kay Hood

For Mary Kay Hood, community means a lot of things – the place you live, the infrastructure, the people. It also involves having the resources you need to live a full life within your community. Read her story








Kai Johnson

Kai Johnson has been volunteering since she was a child. “I’ve always been a servant at heart and found a way to give back through mentoring or helping out at a facility or community center,” she said. Read her story







Joe Zelenka

Joe Zelenka devoted his entire life to serving others. A man of great faith, Zelenka will be remembered as a man who cared deeply for the well-being of his community and did everything he could to provide for those in need. Read his story












Kristen Lampkin

Kristin Lampkin believes in the importance of servant leadership and expanding diversity and inclusion in Indianapolis. Her drive to serve others comes from those who have poured themselves into helping her develop and grow. Read her story








Becky Markley

For 34 years, Becky Markley has worked to improve the lives of people facing barriers – disabilities, lack of education, no work experience – in her role at Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana. Read her story








Sharon A. Walker

“For unto whom much is given, much is expected” is the adage Sharon A. Walker lives by. For years, she has shared her enthusiasm, passion and talents with organizations serving youth and older adults throughout Zionsville and Boone County. Read her story








Reece Thompson

As an eight-year member of the Boone County 4-H, Reece Thompson is known for inspiring younger kids to join the program. He’s also a three-year member of the United Way Youth as Resources Team and a veteran of Habitat for Humanity building projects. Read his story






Fay H. Williams

Fay H. Williams has made it her life mission to fight for the rights of women and minorities. For decades, she has championed for Central Indiana to be a place of inclusiveness that embraces diversity and opportunities for all. Read her story











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