Hand Raisers and Game Changers: 100 Heroes Week 7

This week features Heroes who are passionate about people and using their talents to improve lives of those from all walks of life in Central Indiana. Whether it’s acting as a friend to WWII veterans, teaching children to love bicycling, uniting friends to create a giving circle or feeding the hungry, these Heroes are making an impact each and every day — through actions both big and small.


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Tom Hanley

A tragic accident in 2010 changed the course of Tom Hanley’s life and opened the door to an unimagined career of service. Read his story








Abigail Stutesman-Rinehart

Abigail Stutesman-Rinehart has enthusiastically served the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville for the past 17 years – a place she knows well and holds dear to her heart. As a child, Stutesman-Rinehart grew up as a member of the Club. Read her story







David Mitchell

David Mitchell creates a sense of community wherever he goes. Whether it’s the local fire station, a church, an Indian reservation or one of other countless places Mitchell has shared his time and talents; the effect is the same. Read his story










Karen Thichstun

You never know the power of saying “yes.” At least that’s what Karen Thickstun learned in 2002 when she accepted a newly created position at Butler University as director of the Community Arts School.Read her story








Loren Snyder

From an early age, Loren Snyder’s parents motivated him to serve the community. They constantly engaged him in charitable and philanthropic efforts, from taking him to deliver food donations to working on road cleanup projects. Read his story








Judy Ford

Judy Ford grew up in a small town where folks took care of each other, which inspired her to volunteer with the elderly. While Ford has a special place in her heart for all the seniors she spends time with, she has a unique passion for a particular group.Read her story











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