Hark! A Finale to “12 Days of Giving”

Cue the 12 Drummers Drumming for we have arrived at our final day of “12 Days of Giving” for United Christmas Service!
As we learned in our first post, the “12 Days of Christmas” song began as teaching tool for persecuted Catholics in the 15th century. French hens, golden rings, and ladies dancing weren’t actual gifts – they were symbols of faith, hope and love. And a dozen drummers drumming? Those guys (or gals?) banging on their bongos represented the 12 articles of belief listed in the Apostles’ Creed.
At United Way, we believe in the power of people coming together to make a lasting impact on our neighbors in need, especially during the holiday season. Reading through our 12 Days of Giving stories, just look what the holidays can inspire:
1st Day of Giving
United Way supporters donate $5,791 to kick-off United Christmas Service during #Giving Tuesday.
2nd Day of Giving
11-year-old Antonio gets his simple Christmas wish – an Easy Bake Oven.
3rd Day of Giving
For those individuals at the Damien Center affected by HIV/AIDS, United Christmas Service is a welcomed distraction from illness and pain.
4th Day of Giving
Paul Riggins donates 5 bucks. 15 years later, his $5 legacy is worth 500 times that.
5th Day of Giving
Volunteer Joan Marsden spends four decades lending a helping hand.
6th Day of Giving
Donor Shelly Langona inspires us to “take what we spend on Christmas and do something good with it.
7th Day of Giving
Indianapolis Motor Speedway lights up the holidays – literally – by donating proceeds from Lights at the Brickyard to United Christmas Service.
8th Day of Giving
A Secret Santa saves the day – and many days after that.
9th Day of Giving
United Christmas Service seasonal staff are always on call, always caring, and always cheerful.
10th Day of Giving
A “top ten list” isn’t reserved for Letterman. There’s lots to know (and share) about United Christmas Service.
11th Day of Giving
Veteran volunteer and retired Chair, Ron Pearson leaves lasting impression through his tireless dedication and years of service.
After all this giving, donating, volunteering and supporting, we’re pleased to report the results of our 12-day effort (in Christmas tree form, of course).
There are still days left in the holiday season to give. So now, for a final time…
On the twelfth Day of Giving, United Way gave to me … twelve singing blogs, eleven holiday angels, ten fun facts, nine special memories, eight Santa hats, seven Honda engines, six more families served, five volunteer hours, four Christmas ornaments, three Merry Money vouchers, two cheerful bothers, and one way to help my community.