Good nutrition and exercise in childhood lead to a healthy, vibrant adulthood.

What we do

We're improving the health of our entire community through resources, support and investment in child welfare, nutrition and fitness, mental health services and preventative screenings.

How we do it

To get there, we support partners that promote active lifestyles, advocate for initiatives that reduce tobacco use and provide wellness resources for children and adults.

Here's what we did last year
because of your investment:

30,818 individuals participated in physical activity sessions or exercise programs

24,136 individuals participated in nutrition improvement programs

7,658 individuals received or maintained health insurance

Health Programs

  • Jump IN

Jump IN

What it is

Jump IN is a collective effort that brings together civic, academic and business groups around a shared vision and measurable outcomes to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in Central Indiana.

How it Helps

Jump IN focuses its efforts on school-based initiatives, employer wellness, public education, awareness, resources and community-based policies to create healthy places, neighborhoods and communities.

What you can do

Join us in advocating for services and legislation that support the wellbeing of our neighbors and a healthy life for Central Indiana.

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From Incarceration to Rehabilitation

Across Indiana, people with mental illness are being treated in our prison system more than in public psychiatric hospitals. While incarcerated, they might receive treatment, but not rehabilitation, usually leading to a lifetime of imprisonment simply because they have no other option. Learn more about the Behavioral Health Court's mission.

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A Healthier Pantry: The Sharing Place

The Sharing Place didn’t give a lot of thought to the nutrition of the food its shoppers were accessing – food is food for someone who is hungry. But Jump IN for Healthy Kids’ Community Demonstration Project in Lawrence and the Far Eastside has changed that — changing the pantry’s layout, signage and offerings for the better.

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Shattering the Stereotype of Substance Abuse

Rachel was on a path to success. She was a straight-A student, active in school and living with a stable family in a safe suburban town. But to the surprise of many, her path took a detour in the form of substance abuse.

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