Good nutrition and exercise in childhood lead to a healthy, vibrant adulthood.

What we do

We're improving the health of our entire community through resources, support and investment in child welfare, nutrition and fitness, mental health services and preventative screenings.

How we do it

To get there, we support partners that promote active lifestyles, advocate for initiatives that reduce tobacco use and provide wellness resources for children and adults.

So far we’ve helped:

34,100 people participate in nutrition & fitness programs

11,574 seniors receive hot meals via delivery services

4,500 people receive inpatient and 3,400 people receive outpatient addiction counseling

6,578 people receive wellness screenings and 15,000 people receive immunizations

Health Programs

  • Jump IN

Jump IN

What it is

Jump IN is a collective effort that brings together civic, academic and business groups around a shared vision and measurable outcomes to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in Central Indiana.

How it Helps

Jump IN focuses its efforts on school-based initiatives, employer wellness, public education, awareness, resources and community-based policies to create healthy places, neighborhoods and communities.

What you can do

Join us in advocating for services and legislation that support the wellbeing of our neighbors and a healthy life for Central Indiana.

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