The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

Rod Cotton, longtime United Way board member and donor, recently endowed his Tocqueville Society gift to United Way of Central Indiana. Why?


“I’ve been blessed to be a part of United Way for so many years, where I have served on committees, volunteered my time, and helped strategize for United Way’s future,” said Rod. “One of my fondest memories of our work was when we, as board members and civic leaders, locked ourselves in a room for weeks, rolled up our sleeves and constructed the ambitious ‘New U’ strategy.  It made me proud to give of myself in this role.


It makes me even more proud to think about my legacy now, as I inch toward the milestone age of 60.  With my legacy gift to United Way, I want to be remembered as caring for each and every person in this great city – my adopted home that adopted me.”


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