Indy’s Local Television Anchors Unite for United Way

Local TV stations are teaming up again to share stories about how United Way and you are making Central Indiana a better place to live. No matter what local television station you’re watching at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6, you’ll see talent from Indy’s TV stations on camera, speaking out for a single cause: improving lives and communities through United Way. During programming breaks, the stations will show stories of local people who’ve benefited from opportunities and resources thanks to United Way and its supporters. These are the stories you’ll see. Be sure to tune in!

Watch now

RTV6’s Jason Fechner and Ericka Flye, Financial Stability and Basic Needs:
See how one man’s long and lonely journey living on the streets led him to Horizon House, where they helped him find a job, a home and get his life back on track.

Atishia overcame many challenges growing up, including living with an intellectual disability. Yet, she never gave up her dream of living independently. Over time, Tangram was able to help her find a job, a new home and her independence.

CBS4’s Bob Donaldson and Debby Knox, Education:
Heritage Place offers opportunities, programs and activities to help older adults like Rosie live with dignity and independence. At 79, she’s learning Spanish, working out, doing her own taxes and much more.

When Alvin first arrived to the U.S. he didn’t speak much English and was uncertain about life in a new country. Six years later, with the help of Starfish Initiative and his mentor Bryan, he’s a proud graduate of Lawrence North High School and ready for new beginnings at Ball State University.

Fox 59’s Dan Spehler and Aishah Hasnie, Health and Education:
Jeff battled alcohol addiction for more than 20 years. When he was ready to embrace treatment, he found the help and support he needed to get clean and sober at Fairbanks. He now lives a life of recovery.

As the largest provider of school-age programs in Indianapolis, the YMCA is helping thousands of children reach their fullest potential every day. See how they helped 9-year-old Isaiah raise his grades and his confidence.

WFYI Public Television’s Taylor Bennett and Jill Ditmire, Education:
At the age of 1, Kayla suffered a traumatic brain injury from an accident. When Chris was in his 20s, he discovered a tumor inside his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed. Both are changing their lives with the help of therapists at Easter Seals Crossroads.

As a single mother of three, Denika wasn’t sure how she would juggle a full-time job and making sure her young children received the best care and education while she was at work. But all of her worries faded when she discovered Early Learning Indiana and began to see her kids thrive in a high-quality environment.

WTHR Channel 13’s John Stehr and Andrea Morehead, Education and Financial Stability:
A Big Sister made a big difference in the life of one high-school graduate who credits Big Brothers Big Sisters with changing her life for the better.

Lise Pace lost her vision, her job and her independence. When she found Bosma Enterprises, she found hope. Watch how Lise rediscovered herself and reinvented her life.

WISH TV 8’s Dave Barras and Lori Wilson, Education, Financial Stability, Health, Basic Needs:
Although Jason faced many physical barriers in his life, he refused to let his disabilities define him. Today, Jason is living his dream as an architectural designer thanks to the support he received from Goodwill and his Goodwill Guide, Eddy.