KAR Auction Services assemble 2-1-1 kits for Central Indiana homeless

As part of the KAR Auction Services’ United Way engagement campaign, employees at the Carmel and Woodland offices assembled 2-1-1 kits for people experiencing homelessness. Kits included tissues, hand wipes, numerous snacks, a handwritten note and a card with information about how to connect with United Way agencies for services.


Representatives from KAR and United Way of Central Indiana delivered 450 kits to the Salvation Army Indiana Division headquarters where staff members were there to receive the donations and tell them how they would be distributed throughout the city. Kits were taken to the Salvation Army’s Women & Children’s Shelter for the children while others will be distributed by a the Indianapolis Municipal Police Department, Salvation Army, local homeless initiative, counselors and social workers, as they meet people who are in need.


While KAR was unloading the boxes of kits, a man named Martin visited the Salvation Army office. Martin has been homeless for years and was looking for a place to get cleaned up. He was thrilled to receive a kit, especially because it contained his favorite snack.