Women United

Bringing together over 500 strong, dedicated women who have a passion for education, Women United is making an impact in our community through their dedication to early childhood education and gifts of $2,500 or more annually.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Qualified members may be eligible for generous match opportunities through Lilly Endowment, Inc. or the Angela and Doug Braly Match and attend exclusive luncheons, special events and educational, volunteer and social networking opportunities throughout the year.

Pre-K Expansion Initiative

Women United led the fight for pre-K expansion by attending numerous rallies and hosting events to educate our community on the importance of pre-K. Together, they secured and delivered over 500 letters to our legislators in support of the pre-K expansion bill. Now, more low-income children will have access to high-quality pre-K education, but the fight has just begun for the 27,000 low-income children in Central Indiana.

Early Childhood Education Improvement

Preparing children for a successful future begins by providing them with the proper tools and resources. As part of this mission, Women United delivered over 1,000 literacy kits to more than 30 Central Indiana childcare centers in 2016. Women United is also on the forefront of improving childcare centers, including projects from painting and building furniture to facilitating reading circles.

"From the kitchen table to the school table, from our workplaces to our gathering places – we are bringing together women from across Central Indiana to support early childhood education initiatives. #WeAreWomenUnited”

- Dorothy Hoffman Women United Chair

Women United Member: Katie Kiernan

"As the mother of two daughters, early childhood education is close to my heart. I want to see every child in our community have the same opportunities that will allow them to be prepared to excel in school. While I enjoy spending time volunteering in the classroom, I wanted to get involved in a broader way. The recent expansion of funding for pre-k in the State of Indiana is so exciting and is going to make a big difference for our young kids!"

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Women United Member: Shondria Seaton

"I joined Women United to collaborate with other like-minded women at all levels within their organizations to further advocate for quality education for all. Additionally, I desire to expose young girls to positive female role models and through Women United I have been able to network with some pretty dynamic women."

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Women United Member: Melissa Meier

"I love the idea of women working together on behalf of the community to impact the lives of preschoolers. This group is a way for me to contribute to activities that bring awareness to the importance of early childhood education. As a bonus, the events hosted by Women United throughout the year are a great opportunity to meet others in the community and to learn about other social impact programs."

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Is Women United for me?

Do you want to make a tangible difference in your community, make an impact on early childhood education and attend volunteer opportunities that involve family, fun and friends?

If the answer is "yes," then Women United is for you. Submit an interest form and staff manager, Janine Robertson, will contact your directly.

For more information, contact Janine Robertson atjanine.robertson@uwci.org

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Membership Benefits

  • Qualified members may be eligible for generous match opportunities through Lilly Endownment Inc. or the Angela and Doug Braly Match.
  • Attend exclusive luncheons, special events and educational, volunteer and social networking opportunities throughout the year.

How to Join

Request a meeting with the staff manager or make a donation through our online platform or through your company's United Way campaign.

Contribution Options

Through our Step Up program, you can be recognized as a member in your first year by contributing $1,250 in your first year and $2,500 in your second year.

Upcoming Events

Behavioral Health Kit Build

June 13th - 8:15am

Between the ages 3 and 5, the unique personality of a preschooler really begins to emerge. Behavioral health kits will help these young ones recognize and express their emotions in a healthy way while encouraging their individual personalities to blossom. Together, we will build 200 kits.

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Speakers Series
Women’s Speaker Series: How Adversity Impacts a Child’s Brain Development and Well-Being

November 1st - 4:00pm

Hear Dr. Lori Desautels discuss her journey as one of the foremost experts in the field of educational neuroscience and learn about her ground-breaking research that focuses on how brain development is affected by adversity. Following Dr. Desautels’ presentation, learn how United Way is making an impact on the emotional health of children ages 3 to 5 through the use of behavioral health kits.

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