Leadership United, According to Susie Steel

When we asked Susie Steel why she participates in Leadership United, she didn’t miss a beat. “I feel more connected to my community. I feel more compassionate about our local struggles and have a better understanding of the needs.”


A Certified Financial Planner™ for Deerfield Financial Advisors, Steel has long supported various financial planning and leadership associations, as well as local Christian ministries. Leadership United took this long-time volunteer’s service capacity to new levels. It’s collaborative nature allowed her to build  relationships with peers and its educational emphasis created powerful learning opportunities about community issues.


Steel’s personal leadership philosophy is that leadership should be all about others. With her work in the corporate world, her focus is on serving the customer and In the nonprofit world, she recognizes that leadership is serving those in need. Steel found that the leadership skills she honed in Leadership United applied regardless of the circumstance, serving her in both her corporate and philanthropic roles.


Her advice to others? Go all-in on the program. It delivers a breadth and depth of exposure, featuring community tours, expert speakers, helpful materials and statistics. A comprehensive program like this is a time commitment, but Susie says, “Like everything, the more you invest the more you get out of the program.”


Bottom line, according to Steel: Leadership United is a hugely impactful, exceptionally well run program, and a great window into the hearts of people and agencies that have plans to bring change to our community.


Get your application in for United Way’s Leadership United program today. Deadline is June 30, 2019.