United Way of Central Indiana prides itself in educating the community about important issues. From leadership and board development, to poverty simulations and training seminars for local nonprofits, United Way strives to strengthen our community impact work through educational opportunities.

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What it is

Leadership United is a comprehensive community leadership and board development program of United Way of Central Indiana offered each year from September through May. During the nine-month term, participants commit to approximately 10 business days of training, or roughly one day per month. That translates to an impressive 75 hours of leadership and board development training.

Areas of Concentration

  • Leadership development retreats: Participate in full-day learning experiences centered around interactive activities, group problem solving, team building and evaluation.
  • Community issues workshops: Discuss community issues in Central Indiana relevant to United Way’s areas of impact: Education, Income, Health and Basic Needs.
  • Board education: Learn from experts in the field of leadership and board development, then serve as an intern for a local nonprofit board.

How You Can Benefit

  • Gain perspective about our community, its most urgent areas of need, and the effective ways the nonprofit sector, including United Way, is helping.
  • Develop the skills to become an effective nonprofit board member with the capacity to affect future outcomes and make meaningful, lasting change in Central Indiana.
  • Learn about the mission and impact of United Way and form a personal relationship with United Way of Central Indiana.

    Do you know someone that would be a great fit for the Leadership United program?

Training Center

What it is

The Nonprofit Training Center helps nonprofit organizations in Central Indiana learn how to govern and manage themselves effectively. We want ALL our community residents' needs to be met, so we make our NTC services available to ANY nonprofit organization in Central Indiana.

How it Helps

The NTC provides practical, affordable training and technical assistance through:

  • Workshops customized for individual organization needs
  • Short- and long-term technical assistance consulting
  • Referrals to reliable and ethical consultants
  • Recommended articles, books and websites

Immersive Learning Experiences

What it is

Immersive Learning Experiences are powerful, experiential opportunities designed to deepen our understanding of complex issues that exist in our local community. By participating in an immersive learning experience, community members walk in the shoes of a neighbor, a fellow citizen struggling for self-sufficiency and a better life. Our programs focus on education about the issue at a local level, facing the issue through a virtual experience and then debriefing as a group to share our perspectives with others.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Poverty Simulations: Learn how to engage in reducing poverty in your local community and increase your understanding of the dynamics of poverty. Experience, on a small scale, the struggle for self-sufficiency many people in Central Indiana face.

How You (or your company) Can Benefit

  • Gain perspective about our community, its most urgent areas of need, and the effective ways the nonprofit sector, including United Way, is helping.
  • Develops deeper understanding and helps initiate discussion of daily struggles for those living in challenging circumstances.
  • When we explore our own behavior we are better able to create change through advocacy, giving, volunteering and generating conversations that can transform systems.

Corporate Benefits

  • Corporate Social Responsibility activity that is experiential and meaningful
  • Unique team-building experience -- Helps to develop empathy among participants
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Community engagement opportunity

In One Moment
Brief, simple experience to simulate budgeting with limited resources; quickly develops a more complete understanding of the issues surrounding poverty.
Time: 30 minutes
Number of participants: Unlimited

Real Life. Real Choices.
Deeper dive into real-life Central Indiana family scenarios and how you can help; budgeting activity with tough choices to be made.
Time: 45-60 minutes
Number of participants: Unlimited

Gaining Perspective Through Immersion
Become part of a low-income family struggling to make ends meet in a simulated community; highly immersive and impactful.
Time: 2.5 - 3 hours
Number of participants: 55-88 participants

Questions about Immersive Learning Programs? To find out more, contact Margie Worrell at margie.worrell@uwci.org or 317-921-1203.

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