The Major Impact Just One Day Can Make


A playground opens an entire world of possibilities for children. From making friends and imagining new games, to participating in sports and learning about the outdoors, a lot happens on a playground. Thanks to Bowen Engineering and Citizens Energy Group, thousands of local children now have access to upgraded playgrounds where they can play, explore and expand their minds.

For the past five years, Bowen Engineering and Citizens Energy Group have participated in a United Way of Central Indiana Day of Caring by restoring playgrounds for underserved preschools in the Indianapolis community. This year, they teamed up to help provide Flanner House a completely updated and re-designed playground.


“You never see a dream come true, but now one of my dreams is coming true for these children,” Alice Guynn, Child Development Center Director at Flanner House says of the phenomenal work accomplished during the Day of Caring. “The words ‘thank you’ are not big enough to describe what they are doing for our children,” she says.


Volunteers spent all day hauling mulch, planting flowers, building equipment and painting. The squeaking of wheelbarrows, sounds of drills and clang of aluminum ladders could be heard throughout the playground.


“You’re doing in one day what would have taken us 3-5 years to achieve. The impact and scope of this project is huge,” Brandon Cosby, Executive Director of Flanner House, said to the large group of volunteers. “Revitalizing these early childhood centers helps shatter the mythology that these children are not worthy of something special or beautiful.”


The playground was not the only thing the group of volunteers improved. Flanner House also runs the Flanner Farm, which provides healthy and affordable produce to those located in one of the most extreme food deserts in the state. “Thanks to Citizens Energy Group, Flanner House can now tap into a nearby water line to make their garden prosperous. Before this project, they were toting buckets of water all over the garden to water the 12,000 pounds of vegetables they grow,” says Doug Bowen, President and CEO of Bowen Engineering.


“The kids will be so excited for the new playground,” says Citizens Energy Group employee Abby Cudworth. “This Day of Caring allows us to give back to our community and show that we care and support everyone here,” she says.

Bowen Engineering and Citizens Energy Group employees are proud to donate their time, talents and treasures to United Way. Is your organization or workplace ready to do the same? Sign up for a Day of Caring to give back to your community in a big way!