Radio Disney Kids Concern Show features United Way

Mike Bachman, United Way of Central Indiana's Project Manager for Education, was joined by Angi Parks for an interview with Radio Disney as part of their Kids Concern Show. The interview aired on 98.3 FM in Indianapolis on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

Parks described how her three children have flourished at Little Dove Daycare, a childcare ministry of East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center that United Way has helped achieve high quality in the state's Paths to QUALITY rating system. She chose the center after moving to Indianapolis from New York, and talked about the changes she's seen in the learning environment since making what she thought was a "stop gap" choice for her oldest child.

Bachman spoke to how United Way is helping expand both the supply of and demand for high quality child care by working with providers like Little Dove. So far, United Way and its partners have made quality child care available to more than 4,300 children by helping providers upgrade facilities so they are healthy and safe and enhancing the learning and play environments so more children will be ready to learn when they start school.

You can listen to the 30-minute interview in its entirety below.