Ready for Their Futures

Chelsea, Eric and Devonta are three very different high school students with varying backgrounds and experiences. But one thing they have in common is a brighter future because of Project Ready. Project Ready is a United Way-supported Indianapolis Urban League’s program that focuses on helping high school students be academically, socially and culturally prepared for their next step: college.

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Chelsea, a student at George Washington High School, couldn’t be more excited to see where she can go from here. “Project Ready has helped me gain the confidence and courage to be myself, and to be more understanding and accepting of people. I got the chance to meet new people and see how different, yet how similar we all are,” Chelsea said. “Project Ready helped me find myself and find the potential I never knew I had. I know Project Ready is going to help me get where I need to be to do that. I am very grateful for this experience and I will never forget the skills and knowledge I have gained.”

Eric, who is now in his second year with Project Ready, has used the program as a vehicle to overcome some of his own obstacles. A group home youth, Eric has learned that his past doesn’t have to affect his present or future. This year, he played varsity football and was at the top of his class academically. And now, he’s looking toward a future studying biomedical engineering or psychology at IUPUI.

Devonta came to Ben Davis after the loss of his father and support system. But because of Project Ready, he had a shoulder to lean on. “Project Ready and its staff have helped me deal with my insecurities, expressing myself and ultimately being the best that I can be.”  This fall, Devonta will be a sophomore, and he plans on eventually graduating and attending the University of Central Florida to become a surgeon. 

Yes, Chelsea, Eric and Devonta are different people with varying backgrounds and experiences. But because of you, they each had a resource in Project Ready to help them overcome their backgrounds and experiences and provide a better future for themselves.

Note: United Way fights for the education, financial stability, health and basic needs of everyone in our community. Indianapolis Urban League is a United Way-supported agency addressing one or more of these priorities by assisting African-Americans, other minorities and disadvantaged individuals to achieve social and economic empowerment.