Reflecting on Board Day of Caring

It’s such a privilege and an honor to partner with an incredible organization such as United Way that wants to positively influence our community. As a church that is called to love, serve and reach its city, it can be disheartening when you begin to see that too many places forget their purpose for existing and end up with apathy as their by product.

It’s time that we all begin to sound the alarm and awaken to the reality that we aren’t called to be self-centered; instead, we are called to reach out and help others. We believe that we can change our world for the better, and it begins by positively impacting one life at a time.

And it’s through partnering together with a common cause that we can have an even greater, enduring effect. Thank you United Way!

Jon Susa, lead pastor, The Caring Place

Editor's Note: United Way’s board and campaign volunteers devoted their Day of Caring project August 20 to help PromiseLand Adventures Child Care transform part of their concrete parking lot to an outdoor learning space. The child care is one of 36 that United Way is helping progress on the state’s 4-step Paths to QUALITY program. The goal is to improve both the environment and curriculum of child care centers in Central Indiana to strengthen children's school readiness in the critical first five years. Lead Pastor Jon Susa followed up with the above thank you message

Photo caption: Pastor Jon Susa on left, Josh Abel, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic