SAVI Magazine: Building Economic Prosperity with Truly Affordable Housing

Financial stability for individuals and families is critical on many levels, providing a sense that one can, at minimum, consistently provide shelter and food. A living wage is determining factor of economic stability; it is a path to quality education that provides marketable skills. This foundation allows choices on where to live, deciding whether to buy or rent, paying bills on time, affording health insurance, saving for retirement, and enjoying activities that lead to a better quality of life overall. 

Owning a home is often considered a relfection of a family's financial health. On this measure, several publications have cited Indianapolis as a city with a high degree of home ownership. In partnership with the Polis Center at IUPUI, urban analyst John Marron looked more deeply into the issue of affordable housing in Central Indiana. The findings are published in the report, The Affordable Housing Market and Why It Matters.

In this issue, featured story "A Better Foundation: Building Economic Prosperity with Truly Affordable Housing," highlights a central theme of the report: affordable housing encompasses a broader range of economic issues than the price of a home. Despite its reputation, Central Indiana can do better in helping its citizens become less cost-burdened by housing.

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