Setting Families Up For Success: Edna Martin Christian Center and Great Families 2020

Edna Martin Christian Center has a longstanding history of serving the Indianapolis community. Their mission is to bridge cultural, racial and economic differences in order to support and nurture people in the community by providing holistic programs that empower, encourage and engender a vision of hope.


Because of their holistic viewpoint on providing support to the community, the Edna Martin Christian Center has been awarded $350,000 per year for three years to implement a two-generational approach to family self-sufficiency through Great Families 2020, United Way of Central Indiana’s four-year initiative to improve family stability for vulnerable children and their parents living in Indianapolis.


As a part of Great Families 2020, Edna Martin has committed to serving 135 adults and 135 children through its Center for Working Families and Childcare Ministry to provide financial stability and early childhood education programming. To better serve the family as a whole, they contract with targeted partners in the neighborhood to provide additional and holistic supports for families.



About Edna Martin Christian Center

The Edna Martin Christian Center strives to encourage, empower and engender a vision of hope for all people. Since 1941, the Edna Martin Christian Center has been Indiana’s training ground offering education, social and faith services, age-appropriate activities, mentoring and guidance. Their programs focus on the holistic needs of the community – spiritual, physical economic, social and mental. The goal is to create neighborhoods where individuals and families have everything they need to learn, live, work, and play in a peaceful, connected and thriving environment.


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What is Great Families 2020?

Great Families 2020 is a United Way of Central Indiana initiative that uses a Two Generation (2Gen) approach to improve the lives of Indianapolis families living in poverty. This is accomplished by establishing neighborhood support networks that provide integrated services in education, financial stability, and health for both parents and children.


The Great Families 2020 Difference