In Their Own Words: The Joy I Find Volunteering for Indy Free Tax Prep

Vicky Maddy is a retired grandmother of three who enjoys volunteering whenever she can. Thanks to a friend and United Way of Central Indiana, she’s found a program that warms her heart during the cold winter months. She shares her story below.


I have only volunteered for Indy Free Tax Prep one year, but I plan on continuing. I started because a friend gave my name to the United Way Coordinator in Morgan County. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit. But, in the end, I decided to try.


To become an Indy Free Tax Prep volunteer, you must pass a test by the IRS. I was fully prepared for this test in about a one-week period, studying for a few hours a day. The online final test is the same one you take in the practice book, which really takes the pressure off during the test. I felt the practice questions really helped me understand many of the situations I encountered during my time volunteering with Indy Free Tax Prep.


I am really glad I made the decision to volunteer. I enjoy anything financial, and I love to help others whenever I can, so Indy Free Tax Prep fit me perfectly. The flexibility is great: I set the days I could help, and I could take off when I needed to do so. The nice part is that you decide how much time you have to spend with the program.  I usually volunteered one or two days per week during tax season. It was actually nice to do something during the long winter months.


I found it very enjoyable to work with people from my community and save them $100, $200 or more. I loved helping my clients by telling them they may be able to save even more next year by keeping certain records that they did not have. Everyone seemed very grateful for the help.


I feel so blessed to be able to be retired, so I really enjoy volunteering whenever I can. I love being with people, and when they walk out excited and grateful about their experience, it adds to my joy.