United Way Celebrates Black History Month

Legacies are most vibrant when seen through the lens of color.

The contributions of African Americans to our country’s progress, while representative of various industries, share common threads of justice and a love for their communities.

That thread has woven together a culture who has become iconic both locally and at-large, simply for demonstrating that by leading with the content of your character, the color of your skin becomes a reminder of your purpose; one rooted deeply in resilience, rhythm, and soul.

That’s why we’re thrilled to kick off an entire month of celebrating the lives of heroes who represent history, the arts, sciences, sports, and of course, the philanthropic work of Central Indiana, with a special Black History Month celebration at United Way.

Each week, we’ll be featuring an individual who has made significant contributions to their field or the greater cause of justice, from the generals sparking the Haitian Revolution by seeking equality and freedom to the justices who proudly lead the courts of the Southern District of Indiana.

Join us on a journey of exploration, education, and inspiration all month long on our blog and keep up with our features in real-time on social media, and for more Black History Month events and information.