United Way of Central Indiana’s 2018 – 2019 Annual Report

In the last year, we’ve achieved significant milestones that have provided our volunteers with a purpose, our advocates a voice, and our donors an opportunity to see how their gifts are making a notable impact on our communities. The funding you’ve helped us raise has served hundreds of thousands of individuals and families through various programs, initiatives, and events that have created impact in our six-county region. And even with this incredible work, we’re still up against some harsh realities, like how more than 230,000 households in Central Indiana are living
in or are one step away from poverty.
We’ve demonstrated a century of rising to the occasion – but our journey is far from over, and it begs the question: What does the future of our community look like and how will United Way play a significant role in its success?
Here’s our answer:
United Way is strategic. We know that no one organization working alone can help members of our community to a better future. Non-profit organizations, government and the private sector need to come together to address current and emerging issues facing our community. Our long-term relationships with community-based organizations, corporate partners, local, state and federal agencies, and individuals puts us in a position to play a unique, connecting role and reinforce it with investments that drive long-term results.
United Way is inclusive. By bringing together subject matter experts, direct service providers, government leaders, funders, corporate partners, and
passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, we will create impact initiatives that accelerate progress on community issues such as affordable
housing, nutritious food, transportation, and health services. We’re also driving improvements in education, employment and mental health and
finding ways to serve individuals, parents, and children as one unit, rather than separately.
United Way is impact reimagined. The launch of our new Impact Funds model provides a specific, targeted approach to addressing Central
Indiana’s most pressing issues by providing basic needs, strengthening opportunities for families to reach self-sufficiency, and spurring social
innovation in our sector.
By continuing these conversations and sharing the hope for our future, we’re arming you – our dedicated community partners, volunteers,
advocates, and donors – with the knowledge you need to keep fighting for the education, financial stability, health, and basic needs for every
person in every community, with us. Why? Because without you, a struggling senior may have to make the heartbreaking choice between a
healthy meal and a lifesaving prescription. Because without you, children in struggling families will not have the benefit of a quality early
childhood education that lays the foundation for success in school and beyond. Because without you, adults will struggle to get the skills
necessary to increase their income and stabilize their housing situation. Because without you, we won’t have the best and brightest minds
in our community thinking about how we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the human services sector.
In short, we need you as advocates for our community because, together, we CAN make a difference.

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Without you, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today – and for that, we thank you.