United Way of Central Indiana’s 2019 Public Policy Agenda


Poverty is a plague in Central Indiana. Right now, more than 230,000 families are living in poverty or are struggling every month to pay for safe housing, quality child care, reliable transportation and necessary healthcare expenses. Research says it is unlikely that the many children living in these families today will do much better as adults. The time is now to stop this cycle of generational poverty by doubling down on our impact, our philanthropy, our community engagement and our public policy work so that every person has the opportunity to not only survive – but thrive.


In our Public Policy Agenda for 2019, you’ll find United Way of Central Indiana’s legislative priorities defined by how we lead, collaborate or support a variety of issues. More importantly, United Way’s policy issues are guided by the Two Generation Approach – the foundation for United Way’s new strategic vision and the promising practice that helps children get off to a good start, supports parents on their path to better jobs and higher wages and improves the whole family’s health, stability and well-being.


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Raise your voice for United Way’s Public Policy Agenda and join us as we all fight for the education, financial stability, health and basic needs of every person in our community.