Unveiling our New Partnership: Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud A message from Brian Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer of United Way Worldwide

I’m pleased to announce that United Way has officially unveiled our new partnership with Salesforce.org to launch Philanthropy Cloud, a game-changing platform that will inspire, connect and empower individuals and organizations to engage in causes they care about and create change at scale.


Right now, around the world, people want more ways to strengthen their communities. At the same time, they’re part of a globalized world with digital technology shaping their lives. If we aren’t helping them make a difference where they are and with the tools of today, we risk losing our place as the world’s leading changemaker.


Philanthropy Cloud is our answer. It will be a platform – think of it as an online community – where people can have great experiences making their communities stronger.


For instance, if someone wants to know how they can not only volunteer at a homeless shelter, but also organize to increase its resources, Philanthropy Cloud will help them do it. If they then want to build a coalition to advocate for the homeless at the state or national level, Philanthropy Cloud will help them find partners committed to joining them. It will be an easy, one-stop, personalized experience for social and community engagement.


Philanthropy Cloud will marry the innovative technology of Salesforce with the volunteer network and community experience of United Way. It will be an online philanthropic marketplace where each United Way can upload information, share data and help people find opportunities to create change.


Philanthropy Cloud represents our window of opportunity to capture the next generation of donors, advocates and leaders. We need to move fast both in our communities and as a network to maximize its potential. This is an exciting moment for United Way, and I look forward to working with all of you to turn our vision into reality.


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