UPS Delivers

UPS delivers more than just packages. On April 24, UPS employees delivered loads of smiles to kids at United Way of Central Indiana partner agency, Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis.  United Way of Central Indiana fights for every person in our community, including the tiniest ones, but there’s no way we can do it alone. So, when the UPS Ohio Valley Millennial Resource Group (MRG) asked how they could help, we couldn’t wait to partner with them to make a bigger impact.

The MRG – comprised of UPS millennial leaders in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee – raised $1,200 to build over 1,000 snack packs for kids. Some traveled as far as 280 miles away to network and grow with peers from all levels of UPS leadership and across workgroups. Beyond finding snacks the kids would enjoy, the MRG made thoughtful choices about balanced nutritional food to ensure the children would receive healthy and delicious options.

George Buck Boys and Girls Club Program Director, Marianne Stephens shared “Many of our kids go home hungry and remain hungry until they return to school the next day. This was a welcome gift. It feels great when our kids can go home with smiles on their faces, and UPS provided that opportunity for them.”

Eager for a greater understanding of how their support of United Way assists families and individuals in Central Indiana, the MRG participated in a simulation designed to uncover the stresses of neighbors who struggle to meet basic needs. The group worked together to survive three simulated months as a low-income family. The experience gave them the opportunity to reflect and consider struggles first hand. Mike Killilea, Director of Human Resources said of the experience, “Today will be a piece the fabric of who UPS MRG will be moving forward as we continue to impact the communities we live in.”

Chances are this won’t be the last we see of the UPS MRG. When charged with the question, “What’s next?” by MRG leader, Zach Emmons the group was quick to identify other ways they can stand with United Way to fight for the education, financial stability, heath and basic needs of every person in our community. A true testament to what can happen when a few people get together and decide to lead, we are proud to say that #UPSersLIVEUNITED.