Ways Your Nonprofit Can Celebrate National Volunteer Month

The month of April brings more chances for rain and practical jokes. But did you know that April also kicks off National Volunteer Month? At United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI), we engage with our volunteers in various ways, whether it’s through our corporate campaigns or organized events.


What are some ways your nonprofit can help engage volunteers during this special month of recognition? Here are some quick wins for your organization and your volunteers as you help celebrate the impact of service:


Spread the word. Make it easy for people looking for volunteer roles to find you by creating online listings. Get creative with your offerings – you never know what kind of talent you may find. You can recruit for your board, committees, event volunteers, and even skills-based roles through the United Way portal.


Be better together. Organize group events or opportunities that help people get to know the issues and connect with others who care about your mission. Being able to volunteer with friends old and new makes the experience even more meaningful for people looking for a sense of connection.


Shout outs. If you haven’t thanked your volunteers recently, try a shout-out on their favorite social platform. Tag your volunteers and let them know the impact of their service. Online recognition can go a long way—it never hurts if their boss sees their kudos!


Have you ever been the planner or recipient of awesome volunteer engagement? Share your stories and ideas by connecting with us on social media! Tag @uwci on Twitter or Facebook.