“We did not lose Becky to cancer. Becky beat cancer by the way she lived.”
Becky and Steve Schenck’s inspiring story is told in a new book

As longtime United Way donors and members of the Tocqueville Society, Steve and Becky Schenck often described themselves as proud “givers, not takers.” Then, one day, Becky woke up, unable to speak. The diagnosis:  terminal brain cancer. Doctors believed she might survive a year or less.

“That day changed everything for us,” said Steve.  “We decided that faith, family and friends would guide us in everything we did. We also had to decide to be ‘okay’ with being on the receiving end of support. We had to lean on people, which was new to us.” 

Becky fought courageously with the strong support of her family and her medical team and lived 10 years past her original diagnosis. She died on July 24, 2016, and left her family and community with the gift of her moving story:  ”Beyond Words: Becky and Steve Schenck’s Inspiring Story of Faith, Hope and Love in the Face of Terminal  Brain Cancer.” In sharing Becky’s amazing journey, the Schenck family hoped to inspire others facing terminal illness and to offer practical resources for brain cancer patients and caregivers.

“We were so lucky to have the best support system,” said Steve. “But I think about the families out there that receive diagnoses like this every day and feel like they have no place to turn. Now, I see first-hand how important organizations like United Way can be in changing the course of someone’s life.” 

For information on Becky’s story, visit www.beyondwordsbook.com. You can purchase “Beyond Words” for $12 on Amazon or $7.99 on EBook. Proceeds benefit the Community Health Foundation and the Christamore House Becky Schenck Early Childhood Education Center.