We hear you, and we’re ready.

Statement from Ann D. Murtlow, President & CEO of United Way of Central Indiana:


We know the protests this weekend in Indianapolis are in specific response to the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. But broadly, we know our community at large is protesting – again – the systemic racism and abuses from law enforcement that continue to haunt, kill and oppress African Americans in our country. We know, and we hear you.


Our communities of color are tired of being asked to participate in dialogue without seeing change. They are begging, pleading and fighting for solutions. We understand, and we hear you.


We are supportive of all of our citizens who have come together to exercise their Constitutional right to show up, assemble peacefully, and express their opinions and anger with the pace of change, or lack thereof.  We support you, and we hear you.


We implore others, who chose to express themselves through violent acts that endangered the lives of innocent neighbors and destroyed the property of local businesses, to channel destructive behavior into peaceful demonstrations and constructive problem-solving. We want you to be heard.


We, as a nation and as a local community, are experiencing one of the greatest struggles of a generation. We are fighting a new, deadly virus that’s killing our neighbors and crippling our economy. We are fighting an even older, deadly disease — racism — that is killing our neighbors, causing enormous injustices, and preventing people from succeeding in all aspects of life. While scientists all across the globe are desperately testing a vaccine for coronavirus, why are we not using that same sense of urgency to find an antidote and cure for racism?


United Way of Central Indiana is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as we stand beside our corporate partners, non-profit organizations, community leaders, supporters, advocates and volunteers to create a community where we are proud of the quality of life for all of our residents. It’s time to come together. It’s time to show up. It’s time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. It’s time for change. We hear you, and we’re ready.